Best Work From Home Products To Have

Work from home is the new way of working for most of us and honestly it isn’t as fun it seemed. From back pain to a lot of distractions, there are so many things which reduces our productivity. So, we have created a list of products & recommendations given below that will counter the cons of work from home.

Headphones/Earphones with Mic

We all know how important a headphone/earphone with mic is for online meetings. Wireless earphones can allow us to do some other work or have food without getting tangled in wires. Active noise cancellation is extremely useful in online meetings as sometimes it’s not possible to control background noises. 


Since we spend most of our work-from-home time on screen, it makes a lot of sense to have a larger screen for better productivity. for e.g large screen helps significantly while working on excel with large number of rows and columns or while comparing two drawings or documents.


Office chairs are great in providing support to your body and saves us from back pain due to sitting for longer periods of time. So, it’s a good idea to have a office like chair in home as well.


Having a table at home enables you to work at comfortable positions just like in office.

Table lamp

Table lamps are great to let you work at night with minimum disturbance to others in the same room.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacking is a good way to satisfy your taste buds, hunger and also keeps you full of energy.

Fitness Band

Keeping an eye on health is always a good thing to do. In this time of coronavirus, checking oxygen levels is very important. The below fitness band comes with SpO2 monitor along with other fitness band features which can provide a huge peace of mind.

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